Dealer Sign up

  *Central Stations can sign up by contacting AlarmNet Administration at 800-222-6525 option 3.


  Sign up to gain access to our web-based programming of Honeywell's next generation

  communication devices (including the 7845GSM and 7845i-GSM radios).

  A login will be created upon completing the sign up form.

  Only one sign up per dealer is required.

  Once an initial user is established, additional logins may be created by that user.


  For purposes of validation, you will be asked to provide the following:


  • a valid City/Central Station number of your monitoring central station.
  • a valid MAC number and MAC CRC number from the communication device.

  *The MAC / MAC CRC numbers are located on the box as well as on the unit.  

  (Click here for help on locating the MAC and MAC CRC numbers)

  If you have further questions, contact AlarmNet Administration at 800-222-6525 option 3.


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